Why Yin + Yarrow Acupuncture

Why Yin + Yarrow Acupuncture2019-12-08T08:51:12-06:00

Acupuncture and healing arts studio offering therapeutic healing in a warm, compassionate space, where you can escape the everyday hustle and “heal from withyin”.”

I provide care for the whole person, including relief of acute and chronic pain, stress, digestive disorders, hormones and reproductive health, anxiety and depression, allergies, autoimmune disorders, and more. Using a balanced, holistic approach to healing that includes mindfulness and breath work, acupuncture, and other traditional Eastern medicine modalities, I help my patients meet the demands and hustle of everyday life. Learn more about Yin + Yarrow’s Services

When the neurotransmitters responsible for signaling chemicals in our brains become unbalanced, we are left with some of the most distressing states of existence, including:

• Depression and anxiety (serotonin)
• Apathy, anger and lack of motivation (dopamine)
• Panic attacks, stress, and inability to calm down (GABA)
• Heart problems, burnout, and intolerance to exercise (noradrenaline)
• Memory and focus problems (acetylcholine)

Furthermore, these imbalances can impact the musculoskeletal (pain/tension), adrenal (thyroid/hormones), and digestive (bloating/weight gain, etc.) systems.

Acupuncture triggers the release of these chemicals and helps to restore balance to your brain and body, alleviating your symptoms, and allowing you to feel whole again.


“If you want to relax, watch the clouds pass by if you’re laying on the grass, or sit in front of the creek; just doing nothing and having those still moments is what really rejuvenates the body…”


Yin + Yarrow is an acupuncture & healing arts studio offering a place of warmth & comfort to escape the everyday hustle and “heal from withyin”