Microneedling 101 at Yin & Yarrow, St Paul

Yin & Yarrow in St Paul specializes in Microneedling

Microneedling offers the ultimate in facial resurfacing and rejuvenation. According to Traditional East Asian Medicine, the state of our physical health, emotions, and spirit is reflected on the skin of the face, therefore, maintaining the vibrancy of our facial skin is imperative to how we look and feel. Microneedling is a safe and effective alternative to plastic surgery, toxic injections, and enhancement techniques. When you receive Microneedling at Yin & Yarrow, I not only focus on the skin, but the mind, body, and spirit for a truly holistic experience.

*What results can I expect from Microneedling and Yin & Yarrow?

• Diminished appearance of deeper wrinkles and reduction of fine lines on the face
• Improved muscle tone of the face and neck, reduction of jowls, and improved jaw line
• A more smooth, even skin tone and improvement in facial color
• Elimination or reduction of rosacea
• Elimination or reduction of acne scars
• Elimination or reduction in puffiness under the eyes
• Elimination or reduction of acne scars
• Elimination or reduction of stretch marks
• Elimination or reduction of age spots
• Elimination or reduction of hyperpigmentation
• Promotion of hair growth
• and more

*Results vary based on number of treatments, type and condition of individual’s skin, age, etc.


Microneedling includes focused skin resurfacing, facial rejuvenation, and scar reduction therapy by a licensed specialist. I am experienced and trained in microneedling, cosmetic acupuncture, facial rejuvenation, and scar reduction therapy.

Is Yin & Yarrow’s Microneedling and Facial Rejuvenation right for you?

Patients schedule a Microneedling consult before beginning a course of treatment to discuss their individual needs, desires, and expectations.

⚘ Results-oriented Microneedling & facial resurfacing that goes beyond the bounds of typical skincare
⚘ Add-on: Red Light Therapy to amplify the effectiveness of cosmetic acupuncture treatment; Red LED light increases collagen reproduction by 200%
⚘ Add-on: Comprehensive acupuncture treatment to address health imbalances
⚘ Add-on: Stone Mat Therapy – Rest atop the warm glow and healing embrace of our amethyst, tourmaline and jade stone healing mat. Five therapies in one 1) Hot Stone Therapy, 2) Far Infrared Therapy, 3) Negative Ion Therapy, 4) PEMF Therapy, and 5) Photon Therapy

There are a some medical conditions where Microneedling may not be appropriate.

Relative contraindications include:
• Keloid or raised scarring;
• History of eczema, psoriasis and other chronic conditions;
• History of actinic (solar) keratosis;
• History of herpes simplex infections;
• History of diabetes;
• Presence of raised moles, warts or any raised lesions on targeted area.

Absolute contraindications include:
• Scleroderma;
• Collagen vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities;
• Rosacea and blood-clotting problems;
• Active bacterial or fungal infection;
• Immunosuppression; and/or,
• Scars less than six months old

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